Wurlitzer Model 146 Band Organ For Sale!

Offered here is a beautiful Wurlitzer Model 146 Band Organ with a set of orchestra bells added. This is one of the few Model 146 organs that was built with an original duplex dual spoolframe system for continuous music. One roll plays while the other roll rewinds. Twenty recut Wurlitzer 150 style music rolls are included. Plays rolls that contain between 6 and 10 songs on each roll. I purchased this organ 8 years ago from Rick Cooleys Old Tyme Piano Shop in Delaware. Rick had this organ redone by Ron Schmucks Great Nickelodeon Company in Canada. It was made in 1926 as evidenced by the newspaper Ron found that Wurlitzer had used to line the bellows pump. Rebuilding included both pumps, refinishing the pipes, sealing the chest, cabinet repainting, all the usual stuff. Ron also added a set of orchestra bells, that are located over the top of the pipes and come on when called for by the music roll.


Click here for a video of this organ playing.

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